The $150 BILLION Dollar Divorce

If you’ve seen the news or been on social media within the last couple weeks, chances are you’ve seen all about the Bezos Divorce. If you haven’t, I’ll give you a summary. Jeff Bezos is the founder and creator of Amazon He divorced his wife of 25 years At the time of the divorce filing, he was worth an estimated $150 BILLION DOLLARS! The parties reached a divorce settlement and the wife will walk away with a net worth of about $35 BILLION dollars These types of situations (where wealth people divorce, and one spouse gets a large settlement) always end up in debate. Some people think she received too much. She didn’t create Amazon, he did. She wasn’t putting in all those hours at the office

Identical Twins Ordered To Pay Support For The Same Child

I just read an article and here’s the summary of it: There was a pair of identical twin brothers in Brazil. One of the men had consensual sex with a woman who then became pregnant. But since the brothers are identical, she didn’t know which twin was the father. The twins refused to admit which one of them had sex with the woman. Paternity testing was done but since they are identical twins, both of their paternity tests came back positive. What did the Judge decide to do since they would not admit paternity and the paternity testing couldn’t determine which one was actually the father? ORDER BOTH OF THEM TO PAY SUPPORT! Is this legal? It is in Brazil. Could this happen in New Jersey?

Be Careful What You Ask For

I saw a Facebook post the other day that went something like this: Dad was paying mom $500.00 per month in child support. This was an amount they agreed on and was not calculated using the New Jersey Child Support Guidelines. The parties had actually never been to Court before. That went on for a while and eventually, mom’s friends / family convinced her that she was entitled to more child support. So mom filed a motion to recalculate child support. They went to Court and the Child Support Guidelines were run. The new child support…WENT DOWN! BY MORE THAN HALF! It amounted to $238.00 per month. So that’s what Dad began paying. Then, mom got upset and started bad mouthing him on Facebook ca

Retired mother gets SIX FIGURE child support payment after nearly 50 years

WHAT!!! How could that happen? Those were my first thoughts and I’m sure they were yours too. So can that really happen? The answer is yes! In that case, mom had custody of the child and dad had a child support obligation that he never paid. After mom retired from work, money was tight. Now mom was 74 years old at this time and her daughter was almost 50. Then mom remembered that dad still owed that child support. Did you know that there’s no statute of limitations on child support Yep. In NJ, child support arrears stay FOREVER! Now of course, the child support was not still accruing but until her daughter was emancipated, the child support total $30,000.00. However, in California (wher

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