I don't want my kids around my ex's new boyfriend.

My ex is dating this new guy and I feel like he's a bad guy. I don't want her to have my kids around him. What can I do? The answer is it depends. The Courts hear this many times. Sometimes this concern is raised for good reason. But many times, it is because it is difficult and hurtful for a parent to see their child form a relationship with a step-parent and they want the Court to prevent someone else from "taking their place." So the first thing to ask yourself what do you mean he's a bad guy? Is he a liar and cheater? Or is he a really "bad guy" who is violent, a sexual predator, a drug dealer, etc. If he's just a liar and a cheater, you need more than that before a Court will tel

Important changes to the laws regarding Alimony

If you've been following the news lately, you may have heard about the new tax plan that was recently signed into law by President Trump called "The Tax Cuts & Jobs Act" (referred to as "The Plan"). The Plan makes several important changes to the existing tax laws and one of the most important ones, and the one I will discuss today, is the change to the alimony laws. When does the Plan apply? The first thing to know is that this law does not affect any Divorces filed before December 31, 2018. That means if you file for Divorce on December 31, 2018 but your Divorce is not finalized until December 2019, the Plan's changes to alimony will not affect you. What is the current law? The current t

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