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The reality is that as a father, you are unfortunately fighting an uphill battle.  But it doesn’t have to be that way!  Having a knowledgeable attorney on your side ready to fight for your rights is exactly what you need!

I am proud to offer a variety of services which can accommodate your needs and most budgets.  Check out the chart below for a breakdown of the services as well as some of the additional benefits of working with me.




No doubt, fighting for custody is the hardest and most important fight of your life.  You need an attorney who is passionate about fathers' rights and ready to fight for you!


If you are not the custodial parent, you will likely want to have parenting time (formerly referred to as "visitation") with your child.


If you aren't the custodial parent, you will have to pay child support. Most people are not aware of the credits you are entitled to which can impact child support.


Sadly, approximately half of all marriages end in divorce.  There is a lot at stake during a divorce that can impact you not only financially but also your ability to see your children.



College Contribution



Pre-nuptial Agreements


Grandparent’s Rights


Don’t see what you need listed?  Just ask!


There are some perks to working with me compared to other lawyers.  Check them out below!



Most of my services are charged on a flat fee basis.  That means you know from the start exactly how much your case will cost.  No surprise bills here!


Can't take time off from work to travel to my office to meet with me during office hours?  No problem! Let's chat during your lunch break over the phone or via Skype. 


You will probably have questions while we work together. I encourage you to call or email with any questions.  Your bill will not increase!


*only applies to flat fee cases.


Are you ready to get started with me?  You can schedule your consultation online right here.  Or if you prefer, you can call 609-892-8773 or email me at to schedule your consultation.

Are you comfortable handling your case on your own with just a little (or a lot) of guidance from an attorney, then one of my packages would be perfect for you!  Click here to learn about the DIY packages I offer!



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