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In addition to the full services I offer, I have also created some DIY packages designed for those of you who want to handle a little (or a lot) of your case on your own.  



If you are planning on representing yourself at Court, you should consider getting legal advice.  These sessions are perfect if you are comfortable enough to represent or don’t believe you can afford an attorney for full representation.  With these sessions, I’ll:  1) review the Motion, Opposition and Reply; 2) explain the law to you regarding and point out the strengths and weaknesses to your case; 3) help you prepare your legal arguments to make at Court and give you tips on how to respond to the legal arguments the other party will make; 4) let you know what documents you need to bring with you to Court that will support your case; 5) give you additional tips regarding to handle yourself at Court; and 6) answer any additional questions you may have.   Clients have raved about how helpful these sessions are, check out the raves here!  This is available for $500.  Contact me to schedule your session!


If you are considering, or in the process of, getting Divorced and are representing yourself, you need two major things: 1) the forms you'll need to file as well as 2) legal advice. 


While you may think your case is easy and you can represent yourself, not knowing the law can have serious consequences on you in the future. With Divorce Q&A sessions, you get access to attorney prepared forms, 1-on-1 Q&A sessions with a knowledgeable divorce attorney on an as needed basis so you’ll have all the knowledge and tools you need to represent yourself in your Divorce. 




Not sure if these sessions are right for you?  Click here to schedule a 15 minute  call so we can speak to determine if these sessions would provide the assistance you need for your divorce. 

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