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You're probably here because you have some questions about your rights in Family Court.  And let's face it, in this society, we want answers immediately!  To give you immediate answers to some of your questions, I've created free resources that you can download immediately.  Check them out below!  

If you still have questions, check out the blog and you may find what you're looking for there!  

Easily Avoid These 3 Mistakes to Get What You Want at Family Court


If you have ever been to Family Court before,​ chance are on at least one occasion you have left there feeling confused and frustrated.  You can't understand why you did not get what you were asking for.  You may have been committing one of these 3 mistakes!  Download this free guide and learn what to do, and not do, to increase your chances of being successful in Family Court!

Download your guide here

5 Most Important Documents Needed to Support a Request for College Contribution


You may know that NJ Courts can order both parents to contribute to the college expenses of their children​.  But do you know what documents need to be presented to the Court to support this type of Motion?  Whether you are the one filing or opposing the Motion, learn the 5 most important documents needed to support this request so that you can make your strongest argument!

Download your guide here

3 Steps to Take Immediately After Deciding to Get Divorced


Once you make the difficult​ decision to get Divorced, you may be tempted to run down to the courthouse and file your Complaint.  Not so fast!  There are 3 really important steps to take immediately after deciding to get divorced and BEFORE filing anything with the Court or even telling your spouse!

Download your guide here

An Overview of the New Jersey Divorce Process


As a Family Law attorney, the question I get most often during a divorce consultation is:  how long will my divorce take?  ​The short answer is it depends.  But all divorces take a similar path and knowing the different stages of a NJ Divorce and how long each stage may take can help reduce some of your stress.   

Download your guide here

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