What do I do if I’m served with a Divorce Complaint by my spouse?

Well, the short answer is file a response…fast! I’m sure this sounds nerve-racking (and is probably just one additional stress added to you during this difficult and emotional time) but you should file a response! You’re probably thinking: why do I need to file an Answer to a Divorce Complaint? The short answer is to protect your rights! If you do not file an Answer, the other party has a great chance of simply receiving what they ask for. For instance, if she is asking for custody and alimony and you do not file an Answer, the Court could simply order what she is asking for. Unless you agree with exactly what she is asking for, you should always file an Answer and possibly a Counterclai

As a general rule, in New Jersey, a parent cannot move out of State with a child without one of the

As a general rule, in New Jersey, a parent cannot move out of State with a child without one of the following: 1) the other parent’s consent or 2) a Court order. If you do not agree, the other parent must file an Application with the Court seeking the Court’s permission. There are 13 factors that parent has to satisfy in order for the Court to permit him or her to move. We will go over those factors in a different post but in case you need them now, you can view the factors here. So what should you do if that parent moved out of New Jersey with your children without your permission or a Court order? You should immediately file an Order to Show Cause (aka an Emergent Application). If you

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