Do NOT Sign that Agreement!

Representing yourself in a Divorce can be dangerous. CORRECTION, IT IS DANGEROUS! You don’t understand or know the law which many times results in you making decisions or entering into an Agreement that is not best for you. For example, I recently had a client who is a really nice guy and at the time of the Divorce, he and his wife were cordial so him being the nice guy he is, he agreed to a Divorce Settlement Agreement that was TERRIBLE! This Agreement was prepared by an attorney Wife hired but the parties represented themselves during the actual divorce. Now, don’t get me wrong, I understand why he thought it was okay at the time he signed it and under the parties’ then-current circumstan

New Jersey Grounds for Divorce

In New Jersey, there are several different causes of action (aka grounds to file for Divorce). The most frequently used Cause of Action is irreconcilable differences. Irreconcilable differences simply requires that 1) irreconcilable differences exist in your marriage; 2) they have existed for at least 6 months prior to the filing of the Divorce Complaint; and 3) there is no prospect of reconciliation. Although this Cause of Action requires these differences exist for 6 months prior to the filing of the Complaint, that does not require any of the following: 1) that you have lived separate from the other spouse for 6 months (i.e. many people still live together during the Divorce process due

Til debt do us part

Did you know that ALL debts accumulated during the marriage are subject to equitable distribution at the time of divorce? You may say, well yeah, the mortgage, our home equity loan, I know that. That’s not what I’m referring to. ALL personal debts that are accumulated during the marriage are subject to equitable distribution during divorce. I bet I got your attention now! That includes the following: 1. Credit card debt; 2. Personal loans, and 3. School loans! One of the most common reasons for a marriage to end is because the parties disagree over finances. If you’re not married, this is something important for you to think about. Does your spouse have a shopping problem that caus

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