Important changes to the law regarding moving out of NJ with your kids

Within the last few weeks, there has been an important change to the law regarding moving out of NJ with your kids. If you want to move out of NJ with your kids, you need one of two things: 1) the written consent of the other parent or 2) a Court order allowing you to do so. Recently, the NJ lawmakers changed the law that Courts apply when considering whether to allow you to move out of State with your kids. Old law: The Courts used to consider 12 factors pursuant to a case called Baures v. Lewis. You can review those factors here if you want to. The burden was on the parent asking to move to present testimony and evidence to the Court satisfying those factors. Not every factor had to

Important changes to the laws regarding Emancipation

Are you paying or receiving child support for a child who is currently attending college? If so, there were important changes to the laws regarding emancipation a few months ago that you should know about. The old law: Before February 2017, the responsibility to emancipate a child fell upon the non-custodial parent (aka the parent paying support). If that parent did not file an Application for Emancipation, the support would continue to accrue until they did. There have been cases where a non-custodial parent did not file that Application until several years after college graduation. In some situations, the Court make the emancipation retroactive to the date of college graduation. But

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