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Have you and your spouse decided to Divorce and you're not sure what to do next?  Do you have the following thoughts running through your head?

  • What exactly are these documents?

  • How can I get these documents?

  • What do I file and when?

  • What if I have questions along the way?

  • Can I do this on my own?

What if I told you for one low monthly cost, you could get answers to all those questions and so much more!  INTRODUCING: 


During my 9 years practicing law, I’ve witnessed people try to represent themselves in a Divorce and have no idea what they’re doing, which most times hurts them in the end.  Listen, I understand that representing yourself in a Divorce can be a daunting process.  You may not be able to afford a Divorce attorney or you may simply want to do it on your own.  Whatever the reason, just because you don't hire an attorney doesn't mean you should have to simply wing it and hope for the best! 

DIVORCE MADE EASY will provide you with all the documents and information you need to represent yourself in your Divorce with the knowledge and confidence you need. So here’s all the details:

DIVORCE MADE EASY is an online, monthly program.  For one affordable monthly price, you get access to a membership site containing:

  • A guide that will give you an easy to understand and follow detailed overview of the NJ Divorce process;

  • An easy to use reference guide for all those confusing Divorce terms;

  • Guides listed below which will explain and prepare you for each stage of the Divorce process and a checklist in each guide to keep you on track;

    • Stage 1 - Filing Your Divorce Complaint​

    • Stage 2 - Serving Your Divorce Complaint & Filing Your Proof of Service with the Court

    • Stage 3 - Filing Your Case Information Statement

    • Stage 4 - Filing Your Request for Default

    • Stage 5 - Discovery 

    • Stage 6 - Attending Your Matrimonial Early Settlement Panel

    • Stage 7 - Your Final Divorce Hearing / Trial

    • On January 15, 2018, you will receive access to Stages 1, 2, 3 and 4 guides as well the NJ Divorce Laws.  On February 15, 2018, you will receive access to Stages 5, 6 and 7 guides.  Also during January and February, you will get access to the Divorce articles.  

  • Fillable PDF forms (simply type in your info, print and go, I’ve taken care of the rest)

  • Links to the NJ Divorce laws including equitable distribution, alimony, custody and child support;

  • Exclusive members-only articles covering various Divorce topics; and

  • The best part is a monthly call with me to get answers to any lingering Divorce questions you may have!

If you hired an attorney to represent you in a Divorce, you’re paying a retainer of at least $2,000 which is billed at an hourly rate of at least $250.00.  Guess what, that’s probably not going to cover all of your legal fees which means you will have to pay additional retainers to continue your representation!  A contested divorce could cost tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees alone!

Most of us, myself included, don’t have that type of money just laying around.  Divorce Made Easy helps bridge that gap:  you get the knowledge and documents you need, as well as a monthly call with me to get answers to your lingering questions for a fraction of the price of a Divorce retainer.


Your monthly commitment is only $299 per month!

Wondering what else this program can do for you?  Let me tell you!


Say goodbye to those days of appearing at Court nervous and confused.  And no more guessing and hoping that you filled out your documents correctly and clearly stated your requests.  This Bundle gives you the confidence knowing that your Divorce documents were prepared properly and by a licensed, knowledgeable attorney. 


This is how this program really saves you money!  You could pay tens of thousands of dollars for an attorney to represent you in a contested divorce (i.e. one where you and your spouse do not agree on things).  Most people don’t have that type of money laying around.  By taking advantage of this program, you get the knowledge you need to navigate the at times tricky and confusing divorce process at a fraction of the cost of retaining an attorney for full representation. 

You may be skeptical whether this program is right for you or you may have

a few questions about it. Please browse the FAQ’s below:

Okay, I think this program is perfect for me! 

What do I do next?


Keep an eye on your inbox for the exclusive, members only pre-launch happening later this month!

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